Land Reclamation

Chaney Enterprises employs best industry practices while producing the world’s most durable and environmentally friendly building material: concrete.

In order to produce concrete, we must mine the Earth for sand and gravel. Before we develop a potential mining site, we educate and inform our community neighbors. Throughout the mining process, we consult with our neighbors, forming a team of engineers, Chaney Enterprises staff, and citizens. 

Our mining process typically involves three simultaneous stages: preparing 10 acres, mining 10 acres, and reclaiming and restoring 10 acres in a process called “10-10-10”. This way, we move through the site in a way that ensures that no more than 30 acres is disturbed at a time.

Once we are finishing mining, the site is reclaimed. Reclamation means that the land it restored to its original use, or to a condition supporting an approved alternative use that is ALWAYS in accordance with state and local regulations. This ensures adequate land stability, drainage, vegetative cover and esthetics—all to provide the most benefits to the community. 

In the past, we have reclaimed plots of land to everything from open fields to golf courses to neighborhoods!