Our Story

From small beginnings nearly 60 years ago, Chaney Enterprises has made a big impact in its markets and mission. Chaney has always worn its heart and soul on rolled up sleeves – going above and beyond to get a job done right, support an employee or meet the needs of community partners. Starting with its founder Eugene “Babe” Chaney, a spirit of entrepreneurship, hard work and taking care of each other and the community has driven Chaney’s culture and success. This tradition of service has been carried from generation to generation of the Chaney family and permeates the culture of their family-owned business.

The company culture is to do the right thing, even when it’s hard. We try to make it right in everything we do.
- Chaney Employee

For decades, Chaney Enterprises has supported the communities in which it operates through philanthropic leadership, charitable contributions and sound stewardship of natural resources. It all started when Chaney Enterprises lost its founding father Babe Chaney to cancer shortly after starting the company.  His son Dickie took over the reins and rallied his employees and the Chaney family to action to fight cancer together. That action, 40 years ago, was the first Annual Chaney Bull Roast, now a hallmark of Chaney’s charitable giving.

To further honor their father, Dickie and his brother Frank formed the Eugene Chaney Foundation in 1987 cementing the company’s commitment to philanthropic leadership and charitable giving. Since then, Chaney has granted millions of dollars to nonprofits and community organizations in support of education and youth development, health and wellness, human services, the environment and arts and culture.

Today, under the next generation of leadership, the tradition of service and giving is carried forward with a new sense of urgency guided by the company’s purpose — pouring our heart and soul into our communities — to deploy the company’s resources to strategically address some of our community’s most pressing needs, many of which have been laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Led by Hall Chaney and R.G. Lare, and guided by Due East Partners, the Strategic Leadership Group (SLG) and a Design Team of employees from all levels of the company are taking its charitable giving, volunteerism and community leadership, or what is now called Chaney Cares, to the next level with a focus on employee engagement and increased impact across its footprint.  Working arm-in-arm with our employees and partners, we aspire to achieve the following through our Chaney Cares program:

  • Harness the full value of our rich history of charitable giving and community leadership
  • Engage and inspire our employees through deep connection to our mission, programs and charitable partners
  • Leave a lasting impact on families and communities in which we operate
  • Expand awareness of Chaney’s brand in existing and new markets
  • Attract and retain top talent 
  • Lead our industry and encourage others to follow