At Chaney Enterprises, we like to think we lead the charge for sustainability in our industry. Chaney is committed to creating a better tomorrow through sustainability initiatives. We’re constantly investing in new technology and processes to make our products, services, and facilities more sustainable.

Here are some of the sustainable initiatives we’ve implemented so far:

Paperless Business Model

Becoming 100% paperless has become a top goal for Chaney Enterprises. So far, we’ve committed to reducing the use of paper in our daily work processes by implementing electronic ticketing systems, electronic billing, four Chaney apps, employee self-service technology and email instead of paper mail.

LED Lighting

With a program supported by Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO), we replaced all the traditional lighting with LED lighting in our Waldorf facility. This undertaking drastically reduced our electricity needs.


Chaney Enterprises is committed to eliminating hidden power drains such as truck idling and unnecessary room lighting. Together we can help reduce the amount of power we consume companywide.


Chaney Enterprises has replaced fossil fuel oil with renewable biofuel in their Infern-O-Therm hot water boilers. In addition to the boilers, Chaney will ultimately use biofuel in their many off-road vehicles.


Chaney Enterprises recycles everything from raw materials to concrete to land!


Managing water at our mine sites and concrete plants is key to reducing our impact on the surrounding environment. Each permitted site is inspected monthly by our staff and include evaluations of the Erosion and Sediment Controls, Water Treatment Systems, and effectiveness of Best Management Practices. Additionally, Chaney is taking steps to create zero water discharge sites so that all the water used during the concrete batching process is recycled.

Green Star Certified

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) recognizes Chaney Enterprises for its outstanding environmental management at its concrete plants, granting the company Green-Star Certification at the Annapolis, Hollywood, Jessup, Lorton, Seat Pleasant, Upper Marlboro, Waldorf, and Waugh Chapel plants.

This achievement demonstrates Chaney’s rigorous and sustainable actions in reducing environmental impacts and improved plant efficiencies resulting from the “10 Guiding Principles of Environmental Stewardship.”