Helping Adults Get on the Pathway to Employment

Through various partnerships with local community colleges, internship programs, career fairs, and in-depth employee training programs, Chaney Enterprises is committed to helping adults get on the pathway to employment.

While a four-year college may be the solution for some, technical and vocational training in skilled trades is a viable path to economic stability and prosperity for many others. Not to mention, the demand for skilled workers continues to rise.

Matching motivated workers with the right educational and training opportunities allows more families to benefit from well-paid jobs. Technical careers provide stability for families to establish secure housing and meet basic needs with confidence.

This investment too pays significant dividends: as a parent’s educational attainment level rises, so too does her child’s likelihood of success in her own life and career.

Chaney participates in JA Inspire to teach middle school students about seeking a career in the trades.

All drivers at Chaney Enterprises go through a thorough training process with our designated driver trainers.

Each summer, Chaney welcomes high school or college interns with big dreams into our facilities!