In addition to supporting our local communities and partners, Chaney Cares takes pride where it matters most: our people’s success. We believe that when our employees are generously compensated, have access to top-notch benefits, and can save for the future, they too will make a meaningful difference in our communities.

Chaney Enterprises offers unique employee benefits that are rarely offered in our industry including a generous performance compensation program, a winter leave program for drivers, tuition reimbursement, attendance incentives, and student loan repayment assistance. We also offer a substantial employee discount on building materials and reimburse for steel toe boots. Furthermore, Chaney provides their employees with access to top-notch health benefits including major medical, dental, vision, and more. For a full list of employee perks and benefits, read more below.

Top-Notch Benefits


Tuition ReimbursementFull-time employees with at least 1 year of service may be eligible for tuition reimbursement up to $2,500 annually.
Student Loan Repayment AssistanceFull-time employees with at least 1 year of service may be eligible for student loan repayment assistance up to $2,500 annually.
Attendance IncentiveThe Attendance Incentive is a weekly incentive given to non-exempt, hourly employees who have perfect attendance for the week. Employees who meet all eligibility qualifications may receive additional compensation.
Ideas at Work ProgramAllows employees to make suggestions which enhance revenue, eliminate waste and improve safety.
Referral BonusEmployees are eligible to refer candidates, who if hired in a regular full-time capacity, will result in your receipt of a referral bonus in the amount of $1,000.
Accidental and Hospital Indemnity Insurance

With Accident Insurance through Guardian, you will receive a lump-sum payment for a covered injury and related services. You can use the payment any way you choose, to help cover day-to-day living expenses or any other expenses not covered by your medical plan. No medical questions asked!

Hospital Indemnity Insurance helps protect you from the financial costs of unexpected health events that result in hospitalization or other treatment. This coverage is an essential part of a total financial protection plan. No medical questions asked!

Employee Assistance Program
From everyday issues like job pressures, relationships, retirement planning, or the personal impact of grief, loss, or a disability, the Employee Assistance Program can be a great resource for professional support. The service includes up to three face-to-face emotional or work-life counseling sessions per occurrence per year. Legal and financial counseling are also available by telephone.
Wellness Program

To combat the rising costs of health care, Chaney Enterprises offers employees discounts on health insurance as follows:

  • Level 1: Receive a 30% discount on weekly health insurance contributions just by obtaining a routine physical examination with your doctor or participating in onsite biometric screenings.
  • Level 2: Receive an ADDITIONAL 20% discount if you are a non-tobacco user or participate in the Tobacco Cessation Program.

Additional benefits for Concrete Delivery Professionals and Aggregate Delivery Professionals:

Winter Leave

The company has established a Winter Leave Policy for its full-time Aggregate Delivery Professionals and full-time Concrete Delivery Professionals to help offset lack of work due to inclement weather.

Winter Leave is advanced yearly on January 1st and must be used by April 30th of the same year. ADPs will be advanced 40 hours per year and CDPs will be advanced 80 hours per year. Any unused Winter Leave will be paid out to the employee in May.

PC LeaveThe program will allows employees the ability to convert their weekly team bonus into an equivalent amount of paid leave. Must be a full-time employee. Also available to Concrete Batch Operators, Concrete Yard Operators, Customer Service Center Representatives, Dispatchers and Weighmasters.