Preparing Children to be Successful in School and Life

A high-quality early education is one of the most powerful supports a child can receive.  Because so many foundational skills and behaviors are learned in the early years, early childhood education pays dividends throughout a child’s life. Through our research, we have determined that:

  • Children who are prepared to enter kindergarten academically, socially, and emotionally are more likely to achieve academic and life success.
  • Investments in high-quality early education yield a 13% return per year based on increased school and career achievement and reduced social costs.
  • More than half the achievement gap in later school years is present upon kindergarten entry.
  • Every $1 invested in early childhood returns between $4 and $12 in savings for government and society by preventing things like grade repetition, early parenthood, and incarceration.

Additionally, access to high-quality early childhood education also supports more than children. With trusted care and support, parents can enter the workforce or complete training programs to improve family economic success. 

Some of our recent work: