Internal Leadership Development

At Chaney Enterprises, we understand that creating the next generation of strong leaders is vital to the success of our company and our impact on the community. Therefore, we have created internal leadership development programs so that our employees can reach their full potential. We have programs specific to the building supplies industry, as well as programs to jump start succession planning. Learn more:

  • Plant Manager Leadership Development – Each month a new leadership topic is assigned that will provide unique tools to help managers  lead. By participating with their colleagues,  not only will participants learn new ideas but more importantly be able to share them and discuss their applications company wide. Each topic has an online course which is used to introduce the model followed up by an in person session with the sole purpose of group discussion and applications.
  • Individual Plant Manager Coaching Program – Working with the Regional Managers, managers identified from the Plant Manager development group are given additional coaching and development based on the need or desire for personal one on one coaching and training.
  • Pipeline Leadership Development – (Started June 2021) The transition from employee to manager is not always an easy one. While they are initially promoted because they have excellent “task” knowledge, they lack the managerial/leadership knowledge to manage and motivate high performing teams. Participants to this program, have been nominate by their manager as future mangers within the company. This program utilizes training and coaching, working together to develop the skills necessary to lead.
  • Chaney Manager development – (started July 2021) Designed for all Chaney Enterprise managers, monthly topics such as behavioral interviewing, performance evaluations, FMLA requirements, expense reporting are discussed in detail.