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This year’s Back Yard Bull Roast will be held on Saturday, October 15 from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM at Chaney’s Waldorf Plant. Each year, we rely heavily on volunteers to help make our Bull Roast as successful as possible!

We have over 120 volunteer opportunities that are available to Chaney employees and their family members. All volunteers must be over 18 years old to participate.

Volunteers should arrive to the Bull Roast by the time specified in their sign up. Upon arrival, please locate your “team captain” to check in, get your t-shirt, nametag, and instructions. Volunteers can enjoy complimentary lunch before or during their volunteer hours.

This year’s complimentary t-shirts are a long-sleeve, sporty material. They are unisex sizes. Please select your desired t-shirt size when you sign up.

All volunteers will be required to participate in a brief training session with their team captain via Zoom prior to the Bull Roast. More details to come!

2022 Bull Roast Volunteer Sign Up

Date: October 15, 2022

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Volunteer OpportunitiesTime CommitmentDetailsName
Volunteer OpportunitiesTime CommitmentDetailsName
Set Up / Clean Up - Team Captain: Madi Sloan
Set Up Crew9 AM - 12 PMAssist with event set up including chairs, tables, tablecloths, pop up tents, etc.#1: zachary y.
#3: Alex G.
#4: JAKE H.
#6: nichole g.
Parking Attendants11 AM - 4 PMDirect vehicles to their parking spot, ensure as many cars as possible can fit.#1: Tim W.
#2: Tina F.
#3: Tanya W.
During Event Clean Up1 PM - 5 PMClear tables of waste, push in chairs, ensure zero waste items are composted, clean up bathrooms.#1: Chelsea C.
#2: Peter H.
#3: Theodore F.
Clean Up Crew5 PM - 7 PMFold up tables and chairs, discard waste, pack up food, clean dishes, etc.#1: Zack S.
#2: Taylor S.
#3: Gene G.
#4: Dominick S.
#5: Seamans S.
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Registration - Team Captain: Madi Sloan
Registration11 AM - 2:30 PMScan tickets as guests arrive and help people purchase tickets at the gate. Square experience necessary.#1: Kristen K.
#2: Mikaella M.
#3: Mimi M.
#4: Reina L.
Registration2: 15 PM - 5:00 PMScan tickets as guests arrive and help people purchase tickets at the gate. Square experience necessary.#1: Kathleen N.
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Registration Greeters12:45 PM - 2:00 PMWelcome guests to the Bull Roast and answer any questions#1: Judi J.
#2: Edwina J.
#3: Amy R.
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Food and Beverage - Team Captain: RG Lare
Beer Servers11 AM - 5 PMServe beer on tap in Bull Roast cups. Must be over 21. #1: Jacob A.
#2: Carvel C.
#3: Sign up »
Wine Servers11 AM - 5 PMServe wine to guests. Must be over 21.#1: David H.
#2: Marcus Y.
#3: David H.
ID Checkers11 AM - 5 PMCheck IDs and give guests over 21 a wristband. Must be over 21 to be an ID checker.#1: COREY Y.
Cotton Candy Spinners11 AM - 5 PMSpin cotton candy onto sticks for guests. #1: Sign up »
#2: Sign up »
Donut Pick Up at Sandy Pony11 AM - 1 PMWe need one person to pick up the donuts at Sandy Pony in Annapolis and bring them to the Bull Roast. The order will be ready for pick up at 11:00 AM on Sat, Oct 15.#1: Kristie S.
Donut Servers12 PM - 5 PMKeep donut peg board stocked with donuts. #1: Sign up »
#2: Sign up »
Drink Attendant12 PM - 5 PMKeep drinks refilled, iced down. Help people with using Nap Town water tap or Water Keg.#1: Sign up »
Pit Crew6 AM - 4 PMManage the cooking pit - season and cook ribs / grill hot dogs#1: Jacob B.
#2: Tom P.
#3: Kyle M.
#4: Randy W.
#5: Tom H.
#6: Jose C.
#7: David G.
#8: Keith L.
#9: Brandon C.
#10: Cory B.
#11: Jason M.
#12: Philip B.
#13: Robert R.
#14: Sign up »
Rib Cutters12 PM - 5 PMCut racks of ribs into smaller pieces using the rib cutter table. Hat and gloves will be provided.#1: Mike H.
#2: Jeff M.
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Food Servers12 PM - 5 PMHat and gloves will be provided#1: Andre C.
#2: Rose C.
#3: Shirley T.
#4: Danielle E.
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Take Out Sales3:30 PM - 5:30 PMSell leftover food to guests to bring home. Square experience necessary.#1: Sign up »
#2: Sign up »
Gambling - Team Captain: Donna Bunn
Roulette11 AM - 2:30 PMManage the game play at the roulette table, act as dealer#1: Katharine F.
#2: Brian M.
Roulette2: 15 PM - 5:00 PMManage the game play at the roulette table, act as dealer#1: Beth G.
#2: Dave G.
50/50 Raffle11 AM - 5 PMSell 50/50 raffle tickets to guests. Square experience necessary.#1: Dustin H.
#2: Aaron C.
#3: Sign up »
#4: Sign up »
Big 6 Wheel11 AM - 5 PMManage the game play at the big 6 wheel, act as dealer#1: Justin F.
#2: Lorrie T.
#3: Michael T.
Blackjack11 AM - 2:30 PMManage the game play at the blackjack table, act as dealer#1: MICHAEL L.
#2: Owen L.
Blackjack2: 15 PM - 5:00 PMManage the game play at the blackjack table, act as dealer#1: Margaret B.
#2: Spencer B.
Pull Tabs11 AM - 5 PMSell pull tabs to guests. Square experience necessary.#1: Donna K.
#2: Angela B.
#3: Robin C.
#4: Elizabeth B.
Silent Auction - Team Captain: Megan Partlow
Silent Auction Attendants11 AM - 4 PMHelp set up the silent auction, monitor bid sheets, answer any questions, assist team captain#1: Tori D.
#2: Ron T.
#3: Shelley T.
#4: Robert F.
#5: Christina F.
#6: Sign up »
Silent Auction Cashiers3:30 PM - 5:00 PMAccept cash and card sales for the winners at the silent auction. Must have Square experience. #1: Ariel H.
#2: Amanda O.
#3: Amie L.
#4: Jessica H.
Amusements and Stations - Team Captain: Erica Magdelinskas
Trackless Train Conductors11 AM - 5 PMThis year, one of our attractions is a train that drives around the perimeter of the event. You will help manage the line and get guests loaded onto the train for their ride.#1: Sign up »
#2: Sign up »
Mechanical Bull11 AM - 5 PMThis year, one of our attraction is a mechanical bull. You will help sign guests up to participate and get their waivers signed before riding. #1: Brittany J.
#2: Sign up »
T Shirt Sales11 AM - 5 PMHelp sell Bull Roast t-shirts. Square experience necessary.#1: Adonica E.
#2: Sign up »
Pumpkin Chuckin11 AM - 5 PMAssist guests with pumpkin chuckin including taking payment, setting up sling shots, and giving prizes#1: Sign up »
#2: Sign up »
#3: Sign up »
#4: Sign up »
Woodworking (bat or bird houses, bowls, etc.)11 AM - 5 PM#1: Sign up »
#2: Sign up »
Miscellaneous - Team Captain: Erica Magdelinskas
MC11 AM - 5 PMMake announcements during the event and keep everyone on schedule.#1: Charles H.
Banker11 AM - 5 PMDistribute cash boxes, account for funds at the end of the event, act as the ATM. Square experience necessary.#1: Brooke S.
#2: Sign up »
Floater/Reliever11 AM - 5 PMCheck in with every volunteer and fill in to give people breaks as needed. #1: Tyara H.
#2: Latasha B.
#3: Sign up »
#4: Sign up »
Safety / Peace Police11 AM - 5 PMEnsure cones and barrier are properly set up, keep in touch with on-duty sheriff, keep the event peaceful#1: Sign up »
Photographers11 AM - 5 PMPhotograph the event and publish on social media.#1: Marie S.
#2: Madison S.
#3: Erica M.

  • Start Time
    October 15, 2022 - 1:00pm
  • End Time
    October 15, 2022 - 5:00pm
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